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Oh Snap! - An 80s/90s night! Dance Party

Big hair? Check.
Shoulder pads? Check.
Attitude? Totally!

Join us Friday, May 31st at the Black Hart of Saint Paul for OH SNAP: a celebration of the best and brightest decades. Whether you were a Lisa Frank Fanatic or a just a new kid on the block, the 80s/90s were your years to shine (like literally). Relive the fashion highlights and magical music moments through drag and burlesque performances. Stay for the dancing and bring back those unforgettable (as if) bombdigity moves. Plus throughout the night, there will be FREE JELLO SHOTS!!

* Timisarocker
* Dexter Maine-Love
* Andre 1000
* Damien D'Luxe
* Xavier

Bodacious Babes of Burlesque!
* Pedi Bourgeois
* Nadi A'marena

And your fly girl hosting that is all that and a bag of chips, Tygra!!

So take a chill pill and dust off that clothes that was like sooooo 5 minutes ago! This is a show you are definitely will not wanna miss!!

In the lounge, you can even get a chance to request to sing some of your favorite 80s/90s songs since there will be karaoke going on!

Earlier Event: May 31
Karaoke in the Lounge